Weekly Political Roundup #1

And it’s only Wednesday!

Blake Farenthold

Chick magnet Blake Farenthold. Sued by a former staffer for alleged sexual harassment. Where did he get those neat jammies?

Don’t mess with the Boehner


  A reign of terror and we have not even started the 114. It is rumored to be the most ferocious assault on a Speaker in a century. It failed, and like all coups, there is malice in this palace. Two Florida boys lost plum assignments and more are rumored. This is not just a trifle. The hard right tried to unseat a resilient leader. Even if he is a cry-baby.

Obama will veto Keystone


So sayeth Josh Earnest. The White House says Keystone is a jobless idea that is more dangerous than it is worth. No olive branch here, more like a shot over the Congressional bow. The President does not understand lame-ducks.

Myrtle the Turtle opens the Senate


This gridlock has to stop! So says the master of the congressional stall, and man whose only aim for six years was to make Barack Obama a one termer. Really.