What happens to Donald Trump if he loses?

Donald Trump may be in the fight of his life

Maybe one of the reasons that Donald Trump suddenly began to stay on message is the prospect of losing this election. The consequences of a Trump loss on Tuesday may be critical to the future of the man, and his empire. Donald Trump has made a lot of serious enemies in his bid to become president. Some of those people have long memories, and an acute desire to see the man and his company face the consequences. And even if he wins, there are wheels in motion that Donald Trump may not be able to stop.

Trump University

There will be an investigation into Trump University. The allegations are that this was merely a scheme to hook unsuspecting folks into paying money for very little in return. Some of the recruiters may have acted in a manner that could be deemed fraudulent. The University’s namesake will sure be called on to testify. He may even face charges.

Allegations of a rape trial

With twelve women alleging improper sexual advances by the candidate, and reports of him walking into rooms of scantily clad contestants in a beauty pageant, if Donald Trump is not elected President, this allegation may move forward. Even if he is elected, once again, the wheels of justice may have begun to turn.

A tarnished brand

Donald Trump’s followers do not generally frequent hotels that charge hundreds of dollars for a one-night stand, and that makes so-called glamour properties out of reach for them. Will the likes of the Republican leadership suddenly start hanging out in Trump lobbies? Probably not. Even more so for the Democratic leadership. These people have long memories, and for the most part, dislike outsiders. Especially one that has hammered them for an entire election cycle.

The golf industry

Trump owns some signature golf courses, but the golf industry is in a down cycle. There is less viewership, and less interest in the game. To make matters worse, there are plenty of courses. Once again, Trump’s penchant for making enemies of the political elite does not make his courses very attractive.

The Trump Foundation

When Donald Trump attacked the Justice Department and the press over his Trump Foundation, he opened up a can of worms that will not go back willingly. The press will continue to look for gaudy portraits, and follow the money. This puts Justice in the position of having to act upon the information that is exposed.

And Hillary Clinton?

In contrast, there is Hillary Clinton, the most investigated candidate in the history of the election process. Sure, those ploys by Republicans in Congress will not diminish, but there may be little left to scrutinize. If Hillary Clinton loses, she can write her memoirs, and run the Clinton Foundation. If Donald Trump loses, he may face the fight of his life.