What Madness Is This?

Aristotle is quoted as saying ‘There was never a genius without a tincture of madness.’  Perhaps a tincture, but un-checked, madness is grotesque. In the French Alps, we are cleaning up from yet another act of madness that appears to have very little genius in it at all. And the hits keep coming, with Syrian beheadings, mass murders in Latin America, Charlie Hebdo, and Adam Lanza. What madness is this?

And what happened to genius? We have become subservient to madness in our time. Science is on the ropes, with flat-earthers spewing nonsense. The ignorant run our country. We ride on dinosaurs, and geology is just a trick conjured up by the Almighty. Evolution is bunk. Time was, we would mutter this nonsense under our breaths. Now we teach it in schools. Did madness kill genius? Has the whole world gone mad?

No. Science plods on, one small breakthrough at a time. Madness shouts from the rooftops, claiming it’s God-given right to be heard. We don’t go quietly into a bathroom and open your veins anymore. We do something spectacular, and take innocent children with us.  We kill for Jesus, or Allah, or Yahweh, and that makes it okay. We arm everyone, and pretend it makes you safer. We refuse vaccines, and make others suffer. Madness.

Genius hides from the relentless attacks on reason. The Neil DeGrass Tyson’s are shouted down by fools. And the fools are praised. Defend even, for saying what the ignorant have quietly believed for ages. The imps have returned to the butter-churns. Madness is all the rage. The insane are rising up against reason.

Perhaps evolution is not truth. It certainly appears that way.