What Will Donald Say Today?

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump delivers a campaign speech about national security in Manchester

From Salon.com

The problem with being outrageous is that nothing stays outrageous for long. You have to bring something new to the table every day, and each day the outrageous comment has to be more outrageous than yesterdays.

So when Donald Trump says that more people in a crowded nightclub needed to have guns, in order to repel an attacker with a gun, he is not just following a twisted NRA party line. He is saying something he needs to top tomorrow. Trouble is, where does it all end?

It doesn’t, and that is deadly for a GOP trying to put a face forward for November. We are sure that many party heads wish the Donald would do what other politicians have done, pivot to the general election, stay on a scripted message, and try to win this thing.

Donald Trump cannot do that. He is boring unless the message is outrageous, and the people who throng to his meetings want outrage. This is professional wrestling in the political arena. You can only hit a person with a chair a few times. Then it becomes old news, and you have to do something more entertaining. That’s the problem with populism. It is never enough. The crowd always hungers for more.

We are sure that many party leaders wish the election were tomorrow, as each day brings yet another comment by the so-called presumptive nominee that turns off another yet part of what has become a very fragile coalition. The money crowd is falling away. Business people are now scared. The intellectuals are open revolt. What little in the way of minorities the party had may be gone for another eight years. No one talks about a party platform anymore. There is no party.

We wonder what he will say today.