Where’s That Finger Has Been, Thom Tillis?

Thom Tillis just one-upped Michelle Bachmann in the quest to become leader of the individual freedoms movement. The North Carolina Senator has extended those freedoms to corporations.
Thom, no relation to Mel, says hand washing in restaurants is not a mandatory thing, as long as a sign notifies customers that this act of government intervention is not practiced in this establishment.
It’s your God given right to pick that nose, and scratch there. He gave you hands, didn’t He? Why should the government tell you when to wash them?
The transmission of diseases from person to person is a well-studied phenomenon, but science, being secondary to freedom, does not seem to warrant a say in this man’s thinking.
A word to the wise. Don’t shake this man’s hand. And consider driving straight through North Carolina.

from HuffPo

from HuffPo

2 comments on “Where’s That Finger Has Been, Thom Tillis?

  1. Pam Tucker February 4, 2015 11:20 am

    And, never, I say NEVER, accept a dinner invitation from this man.

    • hamackey February 4, 2015 3:22 pm

      Oh waitress, may I…. eeew, whats that on your finger? :-)