Who Lost Iraq?

The most egregious example of revisionist history? George Bush was victorious in Iraq. It was the failed policies of Barack Obama that resulted in the rise of ISIS.

Ignore the fact that the core of the group is composed of former Iraqi military, and that said military was waiting to step in and control Iraq for us after they surrendered. That L. Paul Bremer basically dissolved the army, leaving hundreds of thousands of broke soldiers with nothing to do but wage war with us. And that the Bush administration installed a paranoid lunatic named Nouri al-Maliki who split the country in two, while inviting the Iranians to assist him.

None of that matters to the right. They insist that the only reason ISIS exists is because Barack Obama left Iraq too early. Even though the Iraqis were begging us to leave. Even though the American People were disgusted and tired of the whole affair. Even though it became obvious that we had no reason to go there in the first place. This is not revisionism. This is absurdity.

Iraq is a shining example of the neo-conservative misunderstanding of the Middle East. They invaded a country they did not understand, for a reason that was untenable. We are still reeling from those actions, and will for some time to come. The fault is theirs.