Will Populism Destroy The Republican Party?

You have to wear a diaper to work at the RNC these days. Between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, you are likely to shit yourself at a moments notice. Every utterance from these two inflames a growing populist revolt, scares the hell out of everyone else, and plays into the hands of our enemies.

This is serious business. The two leading candidates for the presidential nomination of the Republican party are both acting fruity bonkers, and they are encouraging a populist movement that is almost guaranteed to alienate practically anyone who is not as bonkers as they appear.

The comments these two men are making are not funny. The comments are disturbing. Even worse, the more outrageous the comment, the more inspired the base. They cannot say anything that is too bad. And while the crowds get larger, the possibility of winning the election shrinks. You cannot win a national election without some percentage of the undecided voters. You cannot win by alienating everyone but white high school graduates. The old coalition of evangelicals, business, and ultra-conservatives is simply not big enough to prevail.

The party has lost control of the situation. This has to be causing a lot of discomfort among the fairly balanced leaders who are trying to win an election, and who are worried about the people that have been, perhaps, forever alienated by stupid comments. Some members of the old guard are finally talking, suggesting they may sit this one out. That is astonishing.

One important reason is the Citizen’s United decision. Money that used to pour into the RNC coffers now goes to PACS, hence the RNC cannot control what is being said. The political process has been altered, and now special interests don’t have to follow the RNC. They are now in control of it.

But that does not explain The Donald. Raw populism does. This is the same kind of fear that drew old people by the millionss to come out and vote for Ronald Reagan. Will that happen again? Neither

Ronald Reagan

Would the Gipper recognize the GOP? We don’t.

Trump nor Cruz look much like the Gipper. No coalition of right and left is going to unite under their leadership. To the contrary. They will rip this country apart. And the Republican Party.