Women Have Two Jobs On Election Day

The key to winning the Presidential election is women. They will decide who becomes our next President. They will pick the course this country will go. They will decide whether we are to embrace populism or reenter the global society. But they have two, very important jobs. To vote, and to get their kids to vote.


There are many, many people in this country who do not want you to vote, and they are expressing this in a very many ways. These people want you to believe there is no sense in voting. Elections are a fraud. The game is rigged.

They are also making it harder for you to vote. They demand proof that you are who you are before you vote. They are flushing voter rolls to get rid of voters. They are demanding that in order to have a fair election, rules must be followed.

They are also fighting against methods that would make it easier to vote. Mail-in ballots and early voting work better for older voters and those who are employed in middle or lower class jobs. Those people cannot easily get time off, even though the law insists that you be allowed to vote.

A low voter turnout always favors the side in power.

Get Your Kids To Vote

When you make voting harder, you discourage younger voters. They don’t wait in line. They don’t have identification, or never fill out the registration for voting at school. Or worse, they just don’t feel like it makes any difference.

The young have not been taught the importance of the vote. They have become disillusioned by a system they believe is corrupt and rigged. And they are not motivated. It takes a lot to get them out of the coffee shops and in line to vote. Mothers can do that. They can get the kids to vote. They know how to make their kids vote in spite of the obstacles. They know how to drive them to the voting booth. They know how to get them involved.

Political parties spend a lot of time and money getting old people to the polls. Mothers can take their kids to lunch, and drop by the voting booth. They can teach their kids the value of this one, simple service to Democracy.