Work Harder

Boney heads

Jeb Bush’s off-handed comment to the New Hampshire Union Leader speaks volumes to the disconnect between the rich and the rest of us. There is a belief among the rich in America that workers are lazy, that they would rather be on welfare, and that no one ‘makes eight’ anymore. Jeb Bush just said what lots of idiots in this country believe; we are a nation of slackers. His solution? Make people work longer hours. But that solution is simply stupid.


Work makes you free… not really. Courtesy of Wikipedia

Boney Fingers

Work your fingers to the bone, and what do you get? One hundred years ago, workers started to work at ten years of age, worked six days a week, and often worked more than twelve hours a day. The conditions were dangerous and squalid, and the pay was just about starvation wages. Some industries were worse than others. Coal miners endured a life that was, in truth, slavery. Sweatshops crammed immigrants into buildings to work all day. Life was brutal and drab, and the rewards were few. Is that what it means to work harder?

Type Faster, Type Longer

The truth is that American workers are more productive now than at any time in history, and that wage stagnation has  reached new highs. People are working harder, and for less. Knowledge workers never stop working in today’s workplace. Between cell phones and internet connections, it is expected that workers will remain in touch with the workplace no matter where they are, and no matter what time. Does Jeb believe that these people need to work more?

Retire Later, Or Never Even

Raising the age at which the elderly can collect social security is the worst of solutions for a nation that continues to age, but not for a party that can never raise taxes. It looks good if you are a child of privilege, like Jeb. He will never have to lay a brick, or hang sheet rock, and that means he cannot understand how impossible it can be to work when your body is just worn out. And how many hours a week does a man like Jeb put in? Actual work? Not much. On the campaign trail, he will put in hours, but not work. People do that for him. Can you do Jeb’s work when you are seventy? You can count money. You might be able to work at a desk. Maybe.

You Are Poor For A Reason – You

There is nothing kinder and gentler about Jeb Bush. He is the hard right ideologue that his brother was, clothed in the same compassionate conservatism. He’s got his, and he does not understand the plight of the American worker. He ignores the breaks he got for being born into the right family. He believes they made no difference. He is a man born on third base, who believes he hit a triple. Your problem is that you are lazy, and did not work hard enough. That is the reason you are not rich. Everyone would be rich if they just worked like Jeb. Not.

The endless conversations, the press, and relentless interviews, trip you up when you are trying to get elected president. Sometimes you accidentally say what you think. Even if it is incredibly stupid.